Local 600 Member – Union and Non-union friendly
ICFC Member
SOC Active Member


San Francisco State University – Intercultural Communication – BA 2001
California State University, Northridge – Film Production – MA 2004
University of Miami – Cinematography – MFA 2008

Director of Photography (partial)

Dance Baby Dance – Dir. Stephen Kogon
Neron – Dir. Sam Son
Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival
Busted (The Cheaters Club) – Dir. Paul Hannah (2nd Unit DP)

The Life – Dir. Sam Son
The Blind – Dir. Sam Son
When I’m Gone – Dir. Sam Son
Cash – Dir. Sam Son
Undisconnected – Dir. Carrie Certa
Nom: Action on Film Festival – Best In Film
Smiley – Dir. Carrie Certa
Action on Film Festival, Chicago Reel Film Festival, Atlanta Short Film Festival
The Florist – Dir. Justin Reichman
A Break from Reality – Dir. S. Alvarez
Won: International Student Film Festival – Special Award Cinematography and Screenwriting

Push Out Documentary – (PBS Doc) – Dir. Coby Atlas (Co-DP)
Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival, DTLA Film Festival – Audience Favorite Award, Nominated NAACP Image Award, California Women’s Film Festival – Best Documentary, San Diego Black Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival – Jury Honorable Mention Award, Toronto Black Film Festival
FGM Reversal – (TV Doc) – Films of Record – Dir. Giselle Portenier & Chloe White
Vanishing Borders (Lift the Lamp) – (feature) – Dir. Alex Hidalgo
International Film Festival for Women, Cinewomen, Glendale International Film Festival, W.I.N.D. Film Festival
La Boheme: Behind the Curtain – (short) – Dir. S. Alvarez/Archie Bruce

Comfort Dental Sports – Dir. Sam Son
Comfort Dental Ninja – Dir. Sam Son
Comfort Dental Teddy Bear – Dir. Sam Son

Grammy Special: 30years of performances – (TV special) – Ehrlich Productions (2nd Unit)
Stay’in Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Bee Gees – (TV special) – CBS/Ehrlich Productions (2nd Unit)
The Ring Table – (TV pilot) – Dir. Sam Son
Golovkin Uncensored – (TV miniseries) – UCN/TV4 (2nd Unit DP)
Ghost Hunting Pilot – (TV pilot) – Dir. Gloria Young
Pop Sugar Live – (TV show) – Pop Sugar/TV Guide

TechWise TV – Webseries – Cisco TV
DPTV – (online cinematography magazine) – The People’s DP
Redland Tropical Trail Promo Video – (travel video) – The Redland Tropical Trail Foundation
Onyx Pharmaceuticals – (corporate video) – Sullivan Video Srv
Cisco – (HD-DP/Lighting Director) – (live/taped broadcasts, Spots, product demos, corporate videos) – Cisco TV/Creative Video Services

Camera Operator (partial):

All Rise Season 1 – WBTV/CBS (C-camera)
Kids Say The Darnest Things 2019 – CBS (Field Camera)
The Shop – HBO – (C-camera)
The Rookie Season 1 – E-One/ABC (A-camera)
Roswell Pilot – Legacy Productions/WB (B-camera)
Cheer – NBCUniversal/Snapchat docu series (B-camera)
The Great Christmas Light Fight Season5/6 – Triple Threat Productions/ABC (B-camera)
Soul Train Awards After Party – BET (C-camera)
Walmart DC – BET (B-camera)
Dancing with the Stars Season23/25 – BBC Productions/ABC – (BTS/Package camera)
Word Party Season1/2/3 – Netflix/The Jim Henson Co. (motion capture camera)

Intel Extreme Masters – ESL Gaming live broadcast (handheld camera)
Soul Train Life of New Edition – BET special (handheld and C-camera)
LA Soul Music Festival – Butura Productions live event (handheld stage and hard camera)
Splash and Bubbles Season1 – PBS/The Jim Henson Co (motion capture camera)
CiscoLive – Cisco TV/Creative Video Srv live expo and broadcast (ENG and hard camera)
Vacation Home for Free Season2 – 39th Street Productions/HGTV (on-location handheld, timelapse, b-roll camera)
Going to America (Last Supper) – Flickbag Productions feature film (C-camera)

Croquembouche – short film (dolly cam)
The War Room – CurrentTV/Al Jazeera (pedestal, handheld camera)
Pay It Forward – FMC Productions TV series (B-camera)
Soul Train Awards – Anita Baker – BET special (B-camera)
Rock the Bells – Wonderbox Productions live event (handheld stage camera)
Spike Lee Interview – HBO (B-camera)
Big Time Rush – Nickelodeon (16mm handheld)
30for30: One Night In Vegas – ESPN feature doc (B-camera)
Leading Women – BET docuseries (B-camera)


Available upon request